Sunday, April 09, 2006


can Sundays
and sunny days
really be unrelated
if it be related
to resting
in the sun?

Ah, sunday sun
sunday sun, just like
mic number one,
mic number one,
isn't this a lot of fun

but not as black
as it attracts
the sun.

Oh Sunday, yea
never nay

(this is heat stroke
me thinks)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

...the reviews have come in...

I've never received
and the poem
wasn't mine

that's the trick
though to make
it yours that's
how I needed
to hear it

he said, to picture
it in his head

she had his back
and mine which
was nice for once

I wore a hole
in the ground
beneath me
as I read

and the parched
parched mouth
before I got half
way through
section one

you know what
that's like
that's like hell
and howl
and show
don't tell

like shining
not shadowed

and it picked me up
when it could've
brought me down
with a confession.

At the foot
of the blackboard
I took back
what was mine

told the truth
that was told
to me
in my neon
classroom dream.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

...April's Fool...

I forgot to change
the clocks today,
April's fool
in all my glory

with the wrong
pajamas and the right
hand air-alarm;
Luckily, we are timed.

Still, I never
wear a watch.