Wednesday, November 09, 2016

...a new constitution...

we, the deplorable

of the united states

in disorder 

form a more imperfect union

establish injustice

insure domestic volatility 

provide for the common offense

promote general warfare 

and secure the beatings of liberty

and to ourselves 

and our posterior

ordain and establish

this prostitution

for this dis-unified

state of america

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

...thank you for meeting with us, sir...

                             your hand shake

                             your hands shake

trembling in the final interview

before you leave the room

or the planet to go back

to where you came to be from

to where we knew you were from

                              you insisted upon it

                              you were whatever

                              you said you were

and when               you didn't want 

to be that anymore

                              you didn't have to be

                              your hands shake

                              your hand shake