Monday, January 15, 2007 in the next life...

in fact

the postures were that

of a timid hound

a bit scared of the shadows

and the light that created

them how does it feel

to have to hear everything

so acutely as the invisible notes

smell the pies of houses miles away

see the bird in the camo

of the spring dogwood branches

feel the continental ridge

shifting before we shift

taste a grain of sugar

as it were a whole pop

it must be so intense

that one must need to sleep

all day long

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 bet...

If I would have bet

the balance of my education-

based financial debt

on the outcome of today's games

I'd be scott free

without a bill

or collector in wait

If I would have bet

my alma maters tonight

I would have finally

broke even

If I would have bet

for once

instead of playing it safe

we could get hitched

like the running back

and the cheerleader

and begin our easy life

with our fit as perfect

as theirs

If I would have bet

my life savings

I'd be up zero

but I'd be happy

I placed the bet.

(congrads Boise State and Let's Go Mountaineers!)