Wednesday, July 25, 2007

...sweatshirt on the train...

she was some sort of test

I cannot discern between

want and need

but this is probably

part of the test

If I give her the long sleeve

and leave you in the cold

who will I be looking out for

me the guy on the spot

with the public display

of dupe or be duped

The answer was actually simple

you are the one

that I need to keep warm

because your hands

are always cold

and I need to keep

the rest of you warm

and hold your hands

if the warm blood doesn't

make its way that far

(called extremeties

this was extreme)

regardless of whether

it is July or January

the swearshirt stays

on your back


I promise

Friday, July 20, 2007

...porch sun...

the cities all mesh with themselves

this big red house is cool today

on the porch especially well lit today

the sun keeps asking questions

as if I knew the answers he was looking for

Oh, you know the answer to that

you are the sun and I am the spot

on the earth that you miss

when I go into the house

to sleep or den to feed

the parody of this is breakfast

cereal commercials or advertisments

from Country Life

but I am far from this luxury

far from Vergennes

far from the homes sitting

along the Champlain Islands

too far from the strawberry feild

outside Burlington

closer to the one in Central Park

and that hasn't a strawberry in it

The fears are quelled by the sun

today and the return to simple

becomes the truest aim

of sitting on the porch

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

...the wait...


is the tricky thing

when the air is thick with water

and the sun boils the water

before it can ground itself


the wait for them

is unbearable

never wanted a western

front to come quicker

and the package of moisture

needs to finally open

and cool us all down

Are clouds of afraid

of freon

Are storms weary

of being saviors

Here comes the sun


but it isn't alright

it'll destroy us all

until the rains begin

I have nothing

and cannot breath