Thursday, January 23, 2014


close to cold

passed to frozen

lifeless in neglect

staying in place

too long or not using

them for so long 

                        out of practice

fears of lethargy....

                      There are immediate reliefs 

                       Try warming up the words

"Calisthenics of Cacophanies"

                       Try moving your hand over

The cold parts, the imprecise

Lines and passages, the belly

The fingers               the warmths

defrost the phrase 

in breath's warming kiss

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

...January 1st, 2014...


even as I left

             I wanted to return but

something pushes 

and pulls in these kinds

            of places, kind skies

with wilder winds-


with rising tempers

          and temperatures

still a quiet cozy pocket

a corner tucked away 

                                    from the rest 

                                      of the world.


This is the sifting shore

where we stand firm

    in our ways. Our differences are 

never concealed or calculated 

only exalted 

by our necessity-

           the one thing we need 

                              to breathe.