Thursday, December 31, 2015

...last note...

there are so many

crickets tonight

that the songs

don't end

they just keep

playing until the next

one comes up

and there is never

            a last note

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

...updated status...

I am writing a great deal 

these days just not to you

and for this I am not really 

sorry I am going back to paper

for a little bit shifting priorities

and alternating sources of inspiration 

I am going back to white space

and more space I will be writing 

to you as I always do just look 

for me in other images look 

for me on other streets 

maybe using black ink

maybe using red paint

maybe using the word

or maybe using a series 

of fast clicks look for me 

on stage or next to the stage

in the audience or prop room

look for me I am writing

just not to you and not here

for now but soon

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

...four lanes...

in these long, timed sentences

where the four walls are the four words

that keep you moving just a little faster

than the four wheels in front of you

you blink and squint, probably four times

peering through the scratched vinyl window

tinted too much to make out nuance

the four passengers in the car

in the next lane all have matching

hats, all have matching stares

all glazed over and pale

the bus passes quickly by

the trip you are on

feels like it will comma splice

and continue illogically,

but there is nothing

you can do about your seatbelt

you are not behind

the giant leather wheel

four lanes from the exit

Friday, January 23, 2015

...calm chowder...

a few years ago

you said you were gonna

try to make it:

I picture you

in the kitchen

cutting potatoes

steaming clams

flour and cream

salting and peppering

in an apron

found in Newton

in a dress

found in Florida

listening to AM Gold

as I came home

with the dog

from fishing somewhere

anywhere near us