Saturday, September 22, 2007

...l'shanah tovah...

at the river's edge

I say I'm sorry

and think about

how things can only

get better this year

once I get rid of this

lint in my pocket

and this little shameful

thought that I can

make things better

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


(this is our helplessness)

and no depth

of mine can

match that

of yours

this is part of the same

system that has failed

us and you and her

this is

"par for the course"

a phrase known

better to doctors

than "can I help you?"

more used then

"I can help you."

and all we want is some help

to make things easier

for those who actually need it

Where are the skilled doctors

who actually want to treat

illness and disease?

When did this take

a backseat to golf

and boats and trophy wives?

Wasn't there an oath involved

somewhere along the line?

Through neglect

we have bred terror

and the fear is that

we will all end up this way

irreperabley damaged

while the ones who have

studied the ailments

have given up

on the ailing

Thursday, September 13, 2007

...roast beep...

smile again match

the sweetness of apple

and honey and

the year that is to come

and he is only three

(me only thirty)

but the joy is the same

he's gonna smile

like that forever

as long as he

keeps moving

Friday, September 07, 2007

...signs of the divine...

(these are signs:)

there are casualties and

injuries and upsets and

smashing and crushing

(Mistakes have been made:)

bombs and bullets and

blitzkreig and ballet and

wounded and wound

(Fighters have fought:)

boxer and bloodsport and

water and nurture and

nature and torture

(we've clashed here:)

testament versus testament versus

prayer versus prey versus

fan versus fanatic

(In the severity of each case
our cruel sense of import
tears at the very source
of the divine, what we are
as a whole.)