Monday, March 27, 2006

...shoot me seriously sushi...

if anyone
ever requests
Wal-mart Sushi
within twenty-five
feet of me

shoot me

take me out at
anyone's expense/

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Just-leave...

when you bomb
on that stage
it's like dropping
from top of the tower
you can see from the Goethals

I went down hard
and fast like a rock

stars were swirling
around my cartoon head

and for now
I have to think
about what I've done
like the dog with a long face
or the landfill
that stinks
to all high hell.

(I loved that expression)

Very well, get on with it.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 problems...

I saw god's shadow on this world
and who else was standing in the light
but this beautiful beautiful man
and his beautiful beautiful wife.

(Webster Hall, NYC 3/17/06)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

...Triboro Belly-Ache Blues...

at the base
of the Triboro...

My hero
will drink
to Queens

and then drive
me home
in a warm

humid early
March nighttime
mishap, emission.

My hero will
rise above
like heroes should

and get me to bed
safely and softly
without the baby's

belch and upset stomach
caused by the little
tomato there was

in the recipe.
When home,
ginger in the teas

and the sleeping trees
become kindling
for the nightlight.

I dreamt
of those
courts once before

or maybe
I played
there once before.

That may be
the Pastichio
coming back

at me or my
hero and her

holding her own.
We'll see what happens
as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


"Alandine" and "Marcos Myth"

George "Sex Museum" Gerwshin

what is plural for Phoenix?




Alan we had a frog once too

(now just a turtle)



flittering about
the tiny
tiny room.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

...the Justice League when you need 'em...

what would they make
of the Jewish Superhero
in the Justice League,
The Yarmulke,

"Oh...I'm not a hero guy;
I prefer it always on rye!"

as he spins like a red disc sled
flying out of control
cross-cutting The Red Tornado

mid-flight, circumstantial
incision, sliced thin to pile,
are Arab men circumsized?

Nah. They are way to oppressive for that.
Can you google that one?
Is there a Willie-pedia site?

What if the Jewish Avenger were
to start a fire, then piss it out

with a bottle or two of Shapiro's?
And when the excessive flame went out,
he saw it was a flag

of a Holy Occupant
or the Star of David?
"Hey, will this come out?"

I know a good dry cleaner...

Thursday, March 02, 2006


good bye civil rights
you are as antiquated,
apparently, as the womb
in South Dakota.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

oh yeah...

oops...I forgot...I started a blog. When was that last post?
January!?!?! You shittin' me? Janu-fuckin'-ary?!?!?
Is there a better way to track one's own laziness?
I guess that I better get back into my head.
Where the fuck have I been?
Oh, yeah, higher education?
I graduated twice, why am I still there?
Oh yeah, I'm the teacher. Glad I don't teach blogging.
Is this gonna be poetry or what?
What was this originally for?
I can't wait to hear Doug's new album.
That's MySpace shit is not gonna cut it.
Oh, yeah, now I remember why I stopped blogging.
I couldn't cut and paste.
Stuff I wanted to post that I was working on
throughout the day, stuff that I
was working on when I wasn't around
an ethernet connection, just ended
up getting saved and not posted
because of my computer ineptitude.
I'd so love a Lasi right now.
The ones, the "Bhang Lasis"
that Eric used to make
in Boise were the shit.
The shit.
Nothing was better on a Boise summer day.
He made them the day Phil came to town, too.
It was Hitler's Birthday, but
that wasn't why we were drinking lasis.
Why am I craving one on the eve
of a Jersey icestorm?
Why did I start this blog back up?
Oh yeah. I'll die
if I stop writing,
in a sense.
Goodnight and Goodernight.
To reiterate my last
distant post,
sleeping is the only love.
I'll be seeing Dave in twenty days,
for the first time, again.