Sunday, March 12, 2006

...Triboro Belly-Ache Blues...

at the base
of the Triboro...

My hero
will drink
to Queens

and then drive
me home
in a warm

humid early
March nighttime
mishap, emission.

My hero will
rise above
like heroes should

and get me to bed
safely and softly
without the baby's

belch and upset stomach
caused by the little
tomato there was

in the recipe.
When home,
ginger in the teas

and the sleeping trees
become kindling
for the nightlight.

I dreamt
of those
courts once before

or maybe
I played
there once before.

That may be
the Pastichio
coming back

at me or my
hero and her

holding her own.
We'll see what happens
as soon as possible.

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