Wednesday, March 01, 2006

oh yeah...

oops...I forgot...I started a blog. When was that last post?
January!?!?! You shittin' me? Janu-fuckin'-ary?!?!?
Is there a better way to track one's own laziness?
I guess that I better get back into my head.
Where the fuck have I been?
Oh, yeah, higher education?
I graduated twice, why am I still there?
Oh yeah, I'm the teacher. Glad I don't teach blogging.
Is this gonna be poetry or what?
What was this originally for?
I can't wait to hear Doug's new album.
That's MySpace shit is not gonna cut it.
Oh, yeah, now I remember why I stopped blogging.
I couldn't cut and paste.
Stuff I wanted to post that I was working on
throughout the day, stuff that I
was working on when I wasn't around
an ethernet connection, just ended
up getting saved and not posted
because of my computer ineptitude.
I'd so love a Lasi right now.
The ones, the "Bhang Lasis"
that Eric used to make
in Boise were the shit.
The shit.
Nothing was better on a Boise summer day.
He made them the day Phil came to town, too.
It was Hitler's Birthday, but
that wasn't why we were drinking lasis.
Why am I craving one on the eve
of a Jersey icestorm?
Why did I start this blog back up?
Oh yeah. I'll die
if I stop writing,
in a sense.
Goodnight and Goodernight.
To reiterate my last
distant post,
sleeping is the only love.
I'll be seeing Dave in twenty days,
for the first time, again.

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