Saturday, March 04, 2006

...the Justice League when you need 'em...

what would they make
of the Jewish Superhero
in the Justice League,
The Yarmulke,

"Oh...I'm not a hero guy;
I prefer it always on rye!"

as he spins like a red disc sled
flying out of control
cross-cutting The Red Tornado

mid-flight, circumstantial
incision, sliced thin to pile,
are Arab men circumsized?

Nah. They are way to oppressive for that.
Can you google that one?
Is there a Willie-pedia site?

What if the Jewish Avenger were
to start a fire, then piss it out

with a bottle or two of Shapiro's?
And when the excessive flame went out,
he saw it was a flag

of a Holy Occupant
or the Star of David?
"Hey, will this come out?"

I know a good dry cleaner...

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