Monday, January 05, 2009

...eye for a life...

Justify Fullyou speak of the rules of engagement:

suicide bombings, IEDs, civilian casualties, etc.

What about this rule? If I throw a rock

at you, you may throw a rock back at me.

Please. I welcome it. You may get an eye

for an eye. A few teeth.  Nose broken symbolism.

But, if I throw a rock, and you launch a full

aerial assault and ground invasion,

laser guided devices and tanks

versus primitive bottle rockets and roman candles,

what is my rock to do?  What shall

I aim for? You have left me one target

and that is anything that exists on the other side

of the border, anything, that my rock may

inflict damage upon, that it may reach, blindly. 

And this is a history of violence, something learned,

this is a last ditch chance to keep my home

and my family safe. Please. Engage me. 

Talk to me. Do not simply take away

what little I have and what was once

taken from you. This must be acknowledged.

Neither of us can be victors, here.

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